5 Things You Need to Know About Your Dental Checkups

While you recline comfortably in our examination chairs, our team accomplishes quite a lot during checkups. From screening patients for common oral health ailments to detecting issues that may affect your general wellbeing, a trip to our dental office is very thorough. Following are some important things you need to know about checkups with our dentist.

You Can Have a Cavity without a Toothache

Did you know that most cavities are asymptomatic? In fact, if you have a toothache, it likely means that you have a badly damaged tooth that is cracked or deeply decayed. By scheduling regular checkups at our dental office, you can increase the likelihood of detecting cavities very early on. By using advanced technology, our team can reveal tooth decay in its earliest stages.

Dental Checkups Include an Oral Cancer Screening

A checkup with our dentist could save your life. During checkups, we conduct oral cancer screenings. As with other forms of cancer, early detection is very important to recovery. If you have certain lifestyle habits such as drinking or smoking that may increase your risk for oral cancer, be sure to mention them with our team.

Your Dentist Can Tell if You Are Stressed

The state of your teeth and gums can reveal a lot about your life. Chances are, if you grind and clench your teeth as a response to stress, our team will notice it. While we understand that stress is unavoidable and takes an emotional toll on our patients, it is important to avoid habits that can cause serious damage to your teeth, jaw, and occlusion.

We Can Help with Dental Anxiety

Do you suffer with dental phobias? Does the thought of making an appointment at our dental office make you anxious? We can help with dental anxieties. Nitrous oxide gas is one method we use to help our patients feel comfortable. If you have anxiety about oral health treatment, talk to our team so that we can accommodate your needs.

We Strive to Make You Feel Welcome

Our office strives to build strong relationships with our patients based on mutual respect. When you come to our practice, know that you are welcomed and appreciated.

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