Can dental crowns improve the appearance of natural teeth?

More than likely, you know that a dental crown can be used to fix a broken or diseased tooth. This popular type of restoration is a great way to preserve natural tooth structure and restore a patient’s bite (occlusion). What many patients don’t know is that in addition to restoring teeth, dental crowns can be used to produce an aesthetically pleasing smile. Crowns can be used to conceal unsightly damage and discoloration while also producing a uniform appearance by enhancing the shape and size of worn down teeth. Since crowns are permanent, they will function just like natural teeth.

What is a dental crown?

Dental crowns are restorations that fit over the whole tooth. Unlike a filling or inlay, which addresses a small area of damage, a crown is like a cap that is permanently positioned over the visible structure of a biological tooth. Crowns are tooth-shaped and hollow so that they can be bonded over teeth. Since crowns restore more than just small areas of damage, they must be custom made in dental laboratories so that they fit over a tooth and in between neighboring teeth.

How can a crown improve the appearance of my smile?

Crowns can be made from very natural looking materials like porcelain. Since porcelain comes in a number of white shades, it can be matched to the precise shade a patient needs. Porcelain is also ideal because it reflects light just as natural teeth do. This material is resistant to staining as well. A porcelain crown is undetectable to others and if a tooth is visibly damaged by a crack or deep cavity, it will conceal imperfections.

Why are crowns necessary?

From a restorative perspective, dental crowns are necessary for a few reasons. First, a tooth cannot generate new tissue once it is damaged. This means that a crack or deep cavity must be professionally repaired. If a patient has experienced trauma that has broken a tooth or if dental caries have gone untreated, a crown may be used to prevent tooth loss and increase oral function.

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