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For Flower Mound Patients Missing Just One or a Few Teeth, We Offer Crown and Bridge

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Crown and bridge use is one of the most common solutions to issues with particular teeth. Many patients choose this solution because it’s a little less invasive and more affordable than other options like implants or veneers.

If you’re only missing one or a few teeth in a row, we will often recommend a fixed dental bridge to fill out your smile. A fixed bridge, or crown and bridge, works well for individuals who have healthy remaining teeth that can support this fixed dental prosthesis.

A bridge consisting of replacement teeth will be fabricated just for you in a dental lab, taking the aesthetic qualities of your special smile into account for the most natural look possible. We will then place your crown and bridge by preparing the teeth on either side of the gap before placing the crowns affixed to the bridge on these neighboring teeth. In just a couple of visits to our Flower Mound dental office, you can go from missing teeth to total smile satisfaction. If you take good care of your dental bridge, it can last many years.

Crown and bridge isn’t your only tooth replacement option; we offer dental implants and dentures and partials as well. Dr. Jenifer Nichols can discuss each option with you during a consultation. We want to find the smile solution that best fits you and your unique needs.

What You Need to Know About Crown and Bridge Dentistry

Dental crowns and bridges are great solutions to most aesthetic or structural difficulties. Other benefits include:

  • They can be used for a single tooth or multiple teeth
  • Crowns have the appearance of your original teeth
  • A crown bridge last a long time when cared for properly

The bridge connects crowns across the space in your mouth that needs attention. That span might be a single tooth or several teeth, so crown-bridge use is appropriate for many different situations.

Crowns, which have the appearance of your original teeth, are then fastened to the bridge. Crowns are made by taking impressions of your teeth. Then they are molded to size and sculpted for appearance. The teeth over which the dental crown bridge sits might be reduced to allow the bridge to sit comfortably over the top during use.

At first, you might find it feels unusual where your crown bridge is prepared and placed. Mouths are particularly sensitive, so any new object or adjustment to chewing will feel strange. Fortunately, that feeling passes after a week or so, and your mouth will feel normal again.

Best Crown Bridge Services in Flower Mound, TX

Our top dentists in Flower Mound, TX will create your crown and bridge in a way that fits your mouth, making your new smile easy to get used to. Give us a call at (972) 539-0608 to book your appointment.


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