Dental Implants for Renewed Self-Confidence and Peace of Mind

A tooth that is lost to trauma, disease, or decay is scary for most people. But imagine the impact if you lost more than one tooth? You may feel the need to change your diet, you may no longer wish to eat or smile in public, and many words you speak may no longer sound the same. But this does not need to be the case when you can restore those lost teeth with dental implants.

A dental implant can be used to replace one tooth, several teeth, or to support a dental bridge. The implant itself is a small piece of metal, usually made from titanium. The implant is surgically placed in gum tissue where a patient has experienced tooth loss.

As the surgical area heals, the implant is fusing to existing bone tissue. That is why titanium is the metal of choice for most implants … research has proven that titanium will fuse to existing bone, and even promote bone growth and strength. Ultimately the implant will act much like the root of a biological tooth providing support to the final restoration that will cover it.

This final restoration is fabricated to match surrounding natural teeth in shape, size and color. No one will be able to discern which teeth are manmade.

Once the implant process has been completed, you can eat the foods you love without restrictions; normal speech returns; and you will feel completely comfortable eating, speaking and smiling in public once again.

Caring for your dental implant is as easy as the care one should provide for their natural teeth:

  • Daily flossing – This is particularly critical especially throughout the healing period to prevent infection (the leading cause of implant failure). Your dentist will demonstrate the best way to floss with the implant in place.
  • Daily brushing – At least twice per day with the recommended tooth brush and paste or gel.
  • Rinsing – If recommended by your dentist, follow the guidelines.
  • Dental visits – Seeing your dental provider twice per year for a cleaning and exam will keep all your teeth from excessive plaque build-up.
  • Tobacco use – Dental implants are the perfect reason to give up tobacco as smoking is another primary cause leading to implant failure.

Self-confidence and peace of mind are restored with dental implants along with your new bright smile. Contact Family Smiles Dental Group at 972-539-0608 to learn more about your tooth replacement options.