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If you have experienced tooth loss, you may think dentures are the only route available. But there are affordable dental implants near you in Flower Mound, Texas, that do not only last longer than dentures - you can continue eating your favorite snacks worry-free. Dental implants are the quickest and easiest way to repair damaged teeth. We provide high-quality dental implant procedures with little to no downtime.

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What makes a tree sturdy and strong? The roots! Your teeth have roots as well, and these tooth roots keep your teeth stable and in place. When you lose teeth, you lose the roots, too, and most forms of tooth replacement don’t include replacing the roots – except dental implants.

Dental implants replace the missing tooth roots using titanium posts implanted into the jaw bone. Other forms of tooth replacement are held in place using adhesive creams or dental crowns placed over remaining teeth. Because dental implants are held in place by actual prosthetic tooth roots, they provide greater stabilization and increased comfort. They also allow us to conserve more of your remaining teeth, as no teeth need to be prepared for crown placement.

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Dr. Jenifer Nichols can restore your dental implants, from placement of the abutments to the creation and placement of the dental restorations that sit atop the implants. Dr. Nichols along with her highly qualified team will create a comprehensive treatment plan and put it into motion in a timely manner. We pride ourselves on quality care in a compassionate, friendly environment at our family dentist clinic in Flower Mound, TX.

We understand that root damage can be painful - our experienced staff will help keep you comfortable throughout your implantation procedure so you look forward to your new smile. We will examine your health history to ensure implants are the best method for you and customize your treatment according to your needs and budget.

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Quality dental care is not one size fits all. Our caring team at Family Smiles Dental Group takes time with each patient to establish trust and discuss dental health goals. Whether you want dental implants to preserve your natural teeth or for cosmetic reasons, our experienced team will be there every step of the way.

If you’re in need of the best dental implants near you at an affordable price, our professionals are ready to help! Call us at (972) 539-0608 to book your appointment.


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