Enjoy a More Natural Looking Smile with Tooth-Colored Fillings

The invention of the material used in dentistry today to repair dental decay, correct small cosmetic issues like a chipped tooth, or eliminate stain with dental bonding is a vast improvement over what was available in years past. Your family dentist can provide natural, lifelike repairs that will allow you to maintain your smile for your lifetime.

The material used is made from a plastic mixed with ground glass to form a composite resin that is strong, has many uses, and can be applied to match surrounding teeth in contouring and shade making dental repairs virtually undetectable.

Your dentist can make cosmetic repairs such as build up worn down teeth, fill in where a tooth has been chipped, or cover dental stains. Quite often intrinsic stains may not respond to other means so blending a tooth colored filling material to cover stain can provide an alternative to more costly cosmetic treatments.

Dental decay can be corrected with composite. This process requires much less of the natural tooth structure to be removed than former treatment methods. The dentist will still remove the decayed portion of the tooth, but no longer needs to create a “crater” to hold the filling.

Once decay is removed, the area is cleaned of all debris, dried, and the process of filling the tooth can start. Composite is placed in very thin layers with each layer being “cured” before adding another. This gives the tooth structure stability. Upon completion, the dentist can make sure the contour is right, will polish the tooth, and treatment is over.

Cosmetic enhancements to repair a chipped tooth can be completed; however, it is important to remember that even though this material is very strong, it is not as strong as your dental enamel. The area of repair should not be subjected to biting into hard objects, chewing fingernails, or using teeth to open packages.

You should think of your family dentist as an artist molding your teeth with the right colored material to result in a virtually seamless repair. Whether it is a cosmetic enhancement or a needed treatment such as a dental filling, you will be able to enjoy a more natural looking smile with the use of tooth-colored fillings.

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