Is teeth whitening safe?

Are your teeth dull, stained, or yellowed? Have you tried to improve their appearance with whitening toothpastes or strips to no avail? Perhaps you wonder if whitening your teeth is safe. Teeth whitening is one of the most popular cosmetic treatments in the United States and when performed by professionals, it is both safe and very effective. Our cosmetic dentist offers in-office whitening and take-home whitening kits. Both of these options are safe for teeth and can lighten one’s smile about eight shades.

Is professional whitening the safest, most effective option?

Yes, professional whitening treatments are the best way to improve the color of your teeth. Store bought products simply cannot compare to professional whitening. This is because professional whitening systems utilize prescription-strength bleaching ingredients that whiten below the enamel surface of teeth (where permanent stains develop). More importantly, those receiving professional whitening treatments – whether it is through an in-office session or a take-home kit, are under the care of professionals.

Over the counter products only contain minimal amounts of bleaching agents like hydrogen peroxide and the concentration of these ingredients is not strong enough to penetrate the enamel layer of teeth. Store-bought toothpastes, rinses, and strips can only lighten surface stains. Some whitening toothpastes contain harsh abrasives that can actually weaken tooth enamel, leaving patients susceptible to tooth sensitivity and dental caries.

What is the difference between in-office whitening and take-home whitening?

Deciding upon in-office whitening or take-home kits is normally a matter of preference. Whitening kits are used at home on a daily basis for a few weeks. This is a convenient option for patients who want to touch up previous treatment or those who want to whiten their smile over time at their leisure. In-office whitening is done in one appointment where a laser is used to accelerate the bleaching process. One treatment takes about 45-minutes to an hour and its instant results last for about a year.

If you are interested in professional teeth whitening, we recommend that you consult with our cosmetic dentist to determine which option is best for your needs. Call Family Smiles Dental Group at 972-539-0608 today to reserve an appointment.