Preventive Dentistry: Your Family’s First Line of Defense for a Healthy Smile

The best way to keep your teeth strong and healthy is through preventive dentistry. Regular visits to your family dentist will help you and your family maintain healthy teeth and oral tissues and ensure that you have a great smile for years to come.

Basics of Preventive Dentistry

The mainstay of preventive dentistry is the oral hygiene you practice at home. This includes regular brushing and flossing, as well as a diet low in sticky, sugary foods that can cause cavities. A diet that is healthy overall, in fact, will also help keep your teeth healthy.

You should brush your teeth at least once a day, and preferably after each meal to remove any food particles or sticky liquids that adhere to the teeth. You should also floss once a day to remove food from between the teeth and to stimulate the gums. Keeping your teeth clean and your gums healthy prevents the occurrence of the most common problems leading to tooth loss—dental cavities and gum disease.

Visiting the Dentist

You should also visit your family dentist regularly to be sure your teeth, jawbones, and other oral tissues are healthy. Your dentist can find decay in very early stages so it can be treated before it becomes severe. He can also find any irregularities in your mouth tissues, such as your tongue, cheeks, and gums that could indicate problems such as mouth cancer. He will check your gums for inflammation that could indicate gingivitis or more serious forms of gum disease. Regular X-rays taken at the dentist’s office help spot decay, problems with the tooth roots, or issues with the jawbones.

Keeping your teeth healthy is also important to your overall health. Gum disease can lead to problems throughout your body—people with severe gum disease have also been found to have a higher rate of cardiovascular inflammation, which can lead to heart attacks or strokes. If you need to schedule a regular dental appointment, please contact our caring and experienced team by calling 972-539-0608 today.