Restore Your Smile with Custom Dentures

One or more lost teeth can have a devastating impact on day to day living. The foods we eat, the way we speak, and how broadly we smile can all change with tooth loss. However, your dentist can provide a means to correct these issues with custom fitted dentures.

There are dentures of all styles and in many price ranges. The importance of seeing your dental provider to obtain the dentures specifically designed with you in mind is critical in returning to life as you lived it before tooth loss.

Losing teeth due to disease, decay, trauma, or to place teeth that never emerged … dentures are an option. The type of denture you obtain depends on you. There are removable dentures that are designed to be taken out at night and stored; there are fixed dentures that are permanently cemented in place using abutment teeth.

There are partial dentures when the need is to replace less than an entire arch; or all of your upper or lower teeth can be restored with a complete denture.

On the day you receive your denture, your smile will be immediately restored. Minor adjustments for eating and speaking with your new dentures may take a few days. If certain foods seem difficult to manage initially, or if saying certain sounds seems a little awkward, realize that with any change, it takes time to get used to it. Be patient with your new dentures.

If the fit feels a little off or slippage occurs, return to your dentist for any needed tweaks. Do not attempt to make adjustments on your own.

While the adjustment period is different for everyone, within a few short weeks you should feel comfortable with your dentures. Our team wants you to have the optimum enjoyment from your new dentures, and we will strive to make your replacement teeth as functional and beautiful as possible.

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