Tooth Restorations: How Dental Bridges Can Help

Missing teeth is problematic for both aesthetic and function. Dental bridges are a solution that has served many patients well for years and years. There are different options available which your dentist will review with you during a consultation as you discuss the best way to restore tooth loss.

Many patients believe that losing teeth as we age is a natural process that we will adjust to; however, the problems that can occur from missing teeth are multi-fold.

When a tooth is extracted or lost, the bone that held that tooth in place will start to disintegrate. Gum tissue may appear shriveled and the contour of the face or jaw may be impacted.

With tooth loss, the ability to chew properly can be affected. Chewing on one side is what many will resort to; but what happens if you incur a dental problem on your “good side”.

A dental bridge closes the gap created with tooth loss by providing a permanent prosthesis that is made to fit and feel as natural as possible. The bridge literally closes that gap by using the teeth on both sides of the missing tooth; these teeth are referred to as the abutment teeth and they are prepared for dental crowns that will be used to hold the bridge in place.

The missing tooth in the bridge is called a pontic; it is attached to the abutments. All of the teeth in the bridge are fabricated to match surrounding natural teeth allowing for the bridge to blend in so well no one will be able to tell you have incurred tooth loss.

Of course, the dental bridge addresses the cosmetic issues; but functionality is critical in restoring the ability to chew and speak without fear of embarrassment. Since the bridge is permanently cemented into place, there is no fear of slippage or movement.

When you first receive your new bridge, small adjustments such as eating softer foods or cutting your food into small manageable bites may be needed for a brief period.

If you feel any discomfort, return to your dentist for any needed adjustment.  Following your dentist’s instructions, you will care for your new bridge like you care for your biological teeth. A well cared for dental bridge can last for many years providing a solution to tooth loss that will add functionality and aesthetic enhancement.

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